What to Wear

Ok, so you have your appt set up… wait… WHAT SHOULD YOU WEAR????


-Coordinate rather then have everybody match perfectly.

-No big Logos or Words on clothing

-For the little ones, you want something comfortable, not something that slides up into their chin too much when they wiggle.

-SHOES… for family shots… either all shoes on or all shoes off. You don’t want mixed. Under 1yr is usually exempt to the rule hehe, tiny toes are always acceptable.


Here are some hot finds from Amazon!


Disclaimer: These are only suggestions, I have no affiliation with these Amazon sellers. Please check reviews before purchasing items. Also please let me know if you encounter a bad seller or a bad link while shopping these items listed so I can fix or remove item from my recommendation.

If you purchase one or more of these outfits for your session and don’t plan to ever use it again… you can donate it to the studio for the mamas that don’t have the means to purchase outfits for them or their little ones… or I will pay up to 50% of what you paid to add it to my client closet in the studio.


For the Littles (click on picture to be taken to Amazon)

For the Kiddos (click on picture to be taken to Amazon)

For the Mamas (click on picture to be taken to Amazon)

Most of these can double as a maternity dress if loose enough in the tummy area

View More Here

Maternity (click on picture to be taken to Amazon)

These can also double as boudoir

For the Dudes- Tweens to Adult (click on picture to be taken to Amazon)

More to come…


Client Closet, what I already have in studio for you: 

Coming soon…

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