Grilled Cheese & Tomato Soup: Southern California Child Photographer

These little cuties are my 3 babies!! 🙂 When it came to setting up a session for them I just knew I had to do something different, unique, and over the top adorable. I started talking to my BFF, whom is the kiddos Nanny during the week, about what I should do… and of course she knew just the thing… GRILLED CHEESES and TOMATO SOUP. Why did she know better then me… LOL well its not that she knows them better… but these kids ask her to make them grilled cheeses probably 3 times a week while Im working in the studio hahaha She hit it right on the head with them… and all the ideas started rolling through my head on how I wanted to set it up and shoot it. I am so excited to share these all with you… this session couldn’t be anymore perfect for this trio and it just makes me all warm and squishy inside to see their happy faces and their love while enjoying every second of this session.

I put so much time and love into creating this perfect set for them… it was so worth it! <3

So here I show you my heart and soul below…


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