Frontline Hero Project- Covid19 Pandemic 2020- The Baker Family

Through all this I’ve felt so helpless! As my many friends gear up every single day to battle the frontlines of this pandemic, I sit at home trying to find things to occupy my time. With no booked sessions Ive searched for ways to satisfy my need for being creative. I knew I needed to do something… something that lights my soul on fire. But what?

After weeks of not shooting I woke up on April 2nd 2020 and it HIT ME! My feelings of wanting to help and show appreciation combined with needing an artistic outlet made for the perfect recipe to start the The Frontline Hero Project.

Heroes don’t wear capes… they wear scrubs, uniforms, badges, tools on their belts, and yes even Costco name tags!

I am thankful for all of you out there risking everything. You all are true heroes and I appreciate you!

Thank you now… thank you forever. You guys make the difference!

The Baker Family

Telemetry RN and LASD Deputy

My husband Robert has been a deputy for LASD for 8 years, we’ve become very familiar with the idea that his job could potentially take his life, I used to lose so much sleep over the thought of it so I made the choice to give him to God every time he walked out of our front door and I trust that he will protect him until he returns home.

Today, in this pandemic amongst us, that fear has shifted onto my safety in my career and ultimately the safety of my family. I am a RN on the telemetry unit at one of our local hospitals, I’ve been a nurse for 4 years. I love what I do and take pride in the ability to care for people in their time of need. Fear is not something I am use to feeling when I go to work, there is so much unknown and I just pray that I am able to stay safe through all of this. It’s a crazy time we’re all living through and I am hopeful it’ll give us a new perspective on the way we choose to live life. I hear that we medical care workers are on the frontlines, the heroes, but in reality our communities are on the frontlines, you have the choice to do what you can to stop this, we in the hospitals are in the last lines. Ultimately let’s be obedient to the instructions we’re given, stay home, wash your hands and for the love of humanity don’t hoard things.


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