The Frontline Hero Project- Covid19 Pandemic 2020- The Morris Family

Through all this I’ve felt so helpless! As my many friends gear up every single day to battle the frontlines of this pandemic, I sit at home trying to find things to occupy my time. With no booked sessions Ive searched for ways to satisfy my need for being creative. I knew I needed to do something… something that lights my soul on fire. But what?

After weeks of not shooting I woke up on April 2nd 2020 and it HIT ME! My feelings of wanting to help and show appreciation combined with needing an artistic outlet made for the perfect recipe to start the Frontline Hero Project.

Heroes don’t wear capes… they wear scrubs, uniforms, badges, tools on their belts, and yes even Costco name tags!

I am thankful for all of you out there risking everything. You all are true heroes and I appreciate you!

Thank you now… thank you forever. You guys make the difference!

The Morris Family

Hematology/ Oncology Transplant ICU Nurse and Costco Forklift Driver/ Cashier

My name is Janine Morris and I am the mother to two amazing sons, Colin and Carter. I am also a RN and have been so for over 10 years at Loma Linda University Children’s Hospital. There, I work on the Hematology/ Oncology Stem Cell Transplant ICU where I take care of children with cancer and blood disorders. Although our unit has not had a positive COVID-19 case yet, I must be very careful to protect my patients who are severely immunocompromised. It is extremely important for my family and I to practice social distancing on my days off and I urge you and your family to do the same. These kids won’t have a fighting chance like so many high-risk individuals. These are scary days, but it is my duty and my honor to take care of these precious children.

My husband Tim has worked for Costco Wholesale for almost 18 years as a morning forklift driver/cashier. COVID-19 has made him leave our family in the early hours of the morning, or late night in order to stock the shelves for panicked doomsday shoppers. He can truly say he has seen the worst of people during these times and comes home exhausted and defeated just to repeat the next day. Tim recently graduated with his Master’s in Organizational Leadership and this pandemic has made it difficult to find his dream job. Despite all of this, we trust in GOD and are so grateful to have steady jobs and the health of our family in this difficult time. We pray for families who have been hit hard financially and have had a family member succumb to this disease. Please stay safe everyone and remember to stay inside since we can’t. Lastly, Karen, No, you do not need another 30 pack of toilet paper at Costco.


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