Session Preparation

Note: Video above was shot in my old studio… things will look differently when you arrive but I still work the same! 🙂

I am looking forward to meeting you and giving you the memories you deserve… below you will find some helpful tips for the type of session you have booked.

My studio space is small so please be choosy with the amount of people you bring along as an audience. A lot of times your little one will be distracted by his/her family members behind me all trying to get their attention, it makes it harder on your baby/child and myself when trying to get eye contact and a smile directly at my camera.

Although Pinterest is a great place to gather inspiration for your session… please don’t come with the expectation to get exactly what you’ve pinned. Each artist is different as well as each baby/child. I will work with your faves, but lighting, props, and style may differ from what you’ve pinned.

Studio Location– The day before your sesson please email me to confirm your appt and to get the address to my studio I will also include a map to help locate the house easier.

Parking– Please pull in through the large ranch entry and park on the driveway or in the dirt on the left or right hand side of the driveway and come to the front door.

Please DO NOT come early to your appt.

Here are a few helpful tips when planning for your specific session:

Newborn Sessions These sessions can last up to 2-3 hours depending on baby. Feel free to bring snacks and whatever else you may need in that time frame. My studio will be VERY warm… 80 degrees… so dress comfortably and light. Baby will be nakey for the majority of the session, if you bring an outfit we can work with it but nakey is the best for these sessions and I will make sure none of their parts are exposed in camera. 🙂  And yes… 99% of the time #1 and #2 oopsies will make an appearance… don’t be alarmed this is very normal and Im prepared for it, I wash EVERYTHING after every session, so no worries. We will do approx. 4 different set ups in this time frame, I welcome your ideas for anything specific you may want to incorporate… if you don’t have any ideas, I have tons of stuff here to play with. Please bring extra diapers, wipes, and a few extra receiving blankets. For nursing babes it does help to have a pumped bottle or 2 on hand to get baby full and sleepy quicker.

Babies & Children These are 1hr sessions and in this time frame we will do 3-4 different sets/ outfit changes. Choosing outfits may be frustrating… but try not to make it stressful and have fun with it. If you want certain themes you will want to choose outfits accordingly… I can help you with this. If you want something a little more simple (no specific theme) you will want to stay away from huge bulky lettering, logos, and patterns on shirts… these distract the eyes away from your adorable little one(s). Babies/ Children are unpredictable and no 2 babies will react/ act the same, so don’t be alarmed if your child clams up when you first come into my studio… this is normal and I will work to get to know your child before throwing them in font of my camera. Most of the time I can get your child to show me their true selves… but on the rare occasion that your child is just not having a good day and not into it, I will not force your child to do anything he/she doesn’t want to do… I do not want your baby/child to have a bad experience in front of my camera, so we may want to reschedule to a later day. Again this is rare but it does happen. **Be sure to check out the bottom of this page for trusted vendors and a discount code for them!

Smash Cake  Oh yes this tends to be a messy session… but its so worth it and it can only be done at this age… so I highly recommend this session for all 1yr olds. When you come… you are welcome to bring balloons to match the theme you would like to do… bring 3-4 outfits including the one that will get cake on it. We will do 2-3 “clean” sets… and then move on to the cake. Please dont be shocked if your child does not dig into the cake… its VERY common for him/her to not like the feeling of the cake on their hands… we will take our time and let your child explore the cake at his/her own pace! We will do a little coaxing but we wont force it on them. This is a VERY fun session for both your child and for you to watch! Make sure to bring baby wipes for hands, feet, and messy faces… the rest of the mess is mine 🙂 Note: Cake is NOT included in the session price. You can make one or order one… I recommend BaconballsCake in Hesperia,  Cakes by Tiffany , and Baking Me Crazy by Christina 

**Be sure to check out the bottom of this page for trusted vendors and a discount code for them!

Maternity Depending on the type of session you would like to do you will want to choose your outfits accordingly. Please be sure to wear very light clothing that will not leave lines on your skin before the session. Bring your fave pair of jeans, even if they dont button. 🙂 You will want to bring about 4-5 different outfits and a few matching bra/underwear sets for us to choose from. If daddy or other children will be in the session as well please no shirts with large logos, crazy patterns, or bulky lettering. You can view some helpful tips on What to Wear here: What to Wear

Family In my studio I can do 5-7 family members maximum depending on the size/ age of everybody. Outdoor/ On Location is unlimited. Here is a link to help with outfit coordination: What to Wear  Please come as ready as possible for the family shot, we will start with the family set up that way we can move onto the kiddos set ups and you won’t have to worry about redoing hair or changing.

Click here for current Backdrop Options. Most of these drops are only child size… few are sized for the full family. I can help you with any questions you may have about backdrop size.

Thank you, let me know if you have any additional questions.

– Jenn


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