Christmas Minis 2017: Southern California Photographer



Its that time again…

I will have 2 sets as usual… one will be the group/family set and one for the kiddos.

These sessions are for the holiday theme ONLY… so feel free to bring 2 outfits (1 for the family set and another for your child(ren) alone).

IMPORTANT: If you or anybody in your family becomes sick before your session PLEASE let me know! Its very possible I can re schedule you on a different day if we can match up times. Thank you for understanding.


1-5 People : $250

 20-30 Minutes in Studio (please come as ready as possible)

15-25 Images in an online gallery for easy, fast, and high quality printing.

Custom USB (of all images taken) available for $100.

Please Note: USBs take 2 weeks to come in but if you purchase the USB I will make sure you have your digital files early if you need them. 

If you already have a USB (from me) please bring it in with you if you would like me to reload it.

Set 1: Family Set….

This is just a sample, I will have a couch available and possibly more props.

Set 2: Kiddo set…

This is just a sample,  there will be more goodies added. PJs would be cute for this set.

Before your session please be sure to contact me to confirm and receive the address


Email me at with the day and time you want. Emails will be taken in the order that they are received in. Dont forget your name.


Dec 5th:

11am: Ashley Mizer

12:30pm: Connie Aguilera

2pm: Kristina Cummings

3:30pm: Nuria Drum


Dec 6th:


12:30pm: Desiree Toppings

2pm: Tania Carlton

3:30pm: Courtney Miller


Dec 7th:

11am: Music Vernola


2pm: Jennifer Robbins

3:30pm: Rosalie Reyes


Dec 8th:

11am: Kristina Dye

12:30pm: Kimberly Burns

2pm: Kristen Moore

3:30pm: Randi Newton


Dec 12th:


12:30pm: Heidi Sampson

2pm: Melissa Follstad

3:30pm: Jamie Phillips


Dec 13th:

11am: Brittany Marquez

12:30pm: Treena Hoagland

2pm: Lupe Perez

3:30pm: Elise Gonzalez


Dec 14th:



2pm: Cathy Wirz

3:30pm: Connie Koneck


Dec 15th:

11am: Heather Mohatt

12:30pm: Kristine Shoup

2pm: Mallory Swan

3:30pm: Coty Jones


Dec 16th:

11am: Michelle Rush

12:30pm: Chrystal Wells

2pm: Farrah Maglinte

3:30pm: Trevor R


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