2015 Valentine Minis: Southern California Baby Photographer

2015 Valentine Mini Sessions

Yay here are the V-Day minis, I worked my bottom off for something unique for you guys… Ive never seen these done before so I hope you love them as much as I do.

I will have 2 sets as usual (pictured below). Sets are designed for 6m+ (sitters and standers). Smaller babies that cant sit on their own will need a sibling old enough to hold them.

There are only 12 slots available… so dont hesitate if you want one, they go FAST!


1-3 Children (ages 6m+ unless an older sibling can hold baby under 6m): $150

 20-30 Minutes in Studio

15-25 Images in an online gallery for easy, fast, and high quality printing.

USB available for $100. (No Prints Included in Session) If you already have a USB from me reloads are only $25



Outfit suggestions… BOYS: Red or Black pants and a plain shirt, I have card suit suspenders for them to wear. GIRLS: I will have an Alice tutu that will fit 1yr – a petite 3yr… if you want a Queen of Hearts outfit like the one in the picture you can order one here: DBeautique


This is the drop that will be used so choose an outfit according to the colors. I will have some stuff here like tutus, petti skirts and rompers for 1-2yr old girls. Boys jeans and a shirt will be perfect.

IMG_1275 copy

These sessions are for the holiday theme ONLY.

Use the CONTACT tab above or Email me at JennTut@verizon.net with the day and time you want. Emails will be taken in the order that they are received in. Dont forget your name. 🙂

Feb 10th

11am: Coty Jones

1pm: Courtney Miller

Feb 11th

11am: Stephanie Motley

1pm: Claudia Aguilera

2:30pm: Abigail Inong

Feb 12th

11am: Gabby Guerrero

1pm: Shaunte Nordwall

2:30pm: Sunshine Schupp

Feb 13th

1pm: Elise Gonzalez

2:30pm: Cathy Wirz

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