Christmas Minis 2012: Southern California Photographer


Here they are!!!

I will have 2 sets… one will be the family set with my blue couch, tree, and a white distressed barn wood doors as the background… the other will be a warm fun Christmas Toy backdrop for the kiddos. (I will post photos of both sets soon so you can plan accordingly)

There are only 41 slots available… so dont hesitate if you want one, they go FAST!


1-5 People : $200

 20-30 Minutes in Studio

15-25 Images in an online gallery for easy, fast, and high quality printing.

CD available for $25. (No Prints Included in Session)


These sessions are for the holiday theme ONLY… so feel free to bring 2 outfits (1 for the family set and another for your child(ren) alone). I will have Red & Green Ruffle Rompers for the girls. For Boys you can bring just jeans… a plain shirt… or even a Christmas themed shirt. Christmas PJs are welcome as well for either the kiddos or as a family. 🙂

Family Set  (Above)


Choose from the next 2 sets for the kiddos… dress them accordingly. 🙂


Email me at with the day and time you want. Emails will be taken in the order that they are received in. Dont forget your name. 🙂

Nov 8th:

3:30pm- Vincent Myer


Nov 12th:

1pm- Jade Ruggieri

3pm- Kim Davidson


Nov 13th:

11am- Angela Delatorre

3:30pm- Samantha Edwards


Nov 17th:

11am- Tory Palenscar

1pm- Claudine Gonzales


Nov 20th:

11am- Melinda Tobacco

1pm- Sheri Dayov

3:30pm- Mindy Grijalva

5pm- Candice Osmon


Nov 27th:

11am- Adrienne Riley

3:30 pm- Linda Adams-Perrersson

5pm- Nicole Brockie


Nov 28th:

1pm- Nuria Drum

3:30 pm- Kelly Bernatene

5pm- Courtney Miller


Dec 1st:

11am- Jenny Torres

1pm- Chelsea Vasas

3 pm- Kristen Upham

5pm- Lyndsey Streeter


Dec 4th:

11am- Melissa Rosbrugh

5pm- Monica Lopez


Dec 9th:

1pm- Heidi Samson

3pm- Susan Lam

5pm- Leah Kennedy


Dec 12th:

11am- Tiffany Bailey

1pm- Lalani Morales

3:30 pm- Christine Condon



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