#1 Angels Fan: Southern California Newborn Photographer

This little guy is very near and dear to my heart… his mommy is someone I consider a sister… someone very special to me whom I love very much. Let me tell you… this little man is a chip off the ole block… hes as stubborn as his mommy is (shhh dont tell her I told you)… he was NOT up for very many pictures at all, he fought us the entire time haha. Sounds a lot like mommy to me hehe. 😉  His mommy is a very strong woman who gives life every ounce of fight she has in her to the bitter end… shes been through a lot in her life and has never given up nor has ever lost that gorgeous smile on her face through it all. I love you sissy… I am so honored to be apart of your families life, you mean so much to me! 🙂

To all the crazies out there that will wonder about this next one… remember photography is a form of art… and  the baby was not harmed or poked with a needle in anyway haha needles weren’t even around him. His daddy is a fantastic tattoo artist and this is purely for decoration/ art. I was thrilled with the contrast of this one… pure innocent baby skin with the world of body art around him.

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