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Welcome Dillon: Southern California Newborn Photographer

Well hello there Dillon… there you are! Its about time mister!!! Little Dillon was destined for one heck of a newborn session from the second he was conceived! His mommy (who is one of my best friends) is also a photographer… and when 2 photographers are friends… and there is a newborn involved… boy let […]

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The B Fam: Southern California Newborn Photographer

Let me just start off by telling you how incredibly touched I am from this tiny little guy. Not only is he super sweet and adorable… he is also incredibly strong willed and is truly inspiring! Brayden was born with Pierre Robinson Syndrome… which makes it very hard for this little man to breath in certain […]

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Baby Lorelai: Southern California Newborn Photographer

Yes Lorelai… pronounced Lora-Lie…. isnt that just the cutest name ever! Good thing Im not having any other babies or Id be tempted to barrow this name hehe. This little sweetie was a toughie. She wanted to fight sleep every inch of the way… and my goodness once she was asleep you better not even think […]

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Little Bear: Southern California Newborn Photographer

Last week a sweet little boy came into my studio… WIDE awake and ready to watch every move I made hehe. He made GREAT eye contact… which I just LOVE. He brought along his big sister who has AWESOME hair! Just check out those curly locks she has! Lucky girl! Here is the beautiful F […]

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Dragon Dean: Southern California Newborn Photographer

Oh my Ive waited little Deans arrival for quite some time… Ive photographed his big brother since he was little… and now I have the honor of photographing this little guy. It means so much to me to be this closely involved in the lives of such wonderful people. I love to watch families grow […]

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